If last-minute travel is your thing, consider these tips to help you always find the best deals.

Traveling does not have to be something planned or perfectly structured. Sometimes the best adventures come from those spontaneous, last-minute decisions. Or it may also be that you love to travel and have good availability of time to do so. In no case does this mean that you have to spend a lot. Write down these tips and find the best plane tickets for your last-minute trips.

Destination… anywhere!

Do you consider yourself a true adventurer willing to move where the wind takes you? It may sound like an exaggeration, but when it comes to finding cheap flights, not having a specific destination can be very useful. In the end, what it is about is traveling, right?

Choose the departure airport, and in the destination box choose “Anywhere”. If you know when you want to travel, specify it; Otherwise, then choose by month, for example, and let yourself go. You dare?

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Sign up for email alerts to find deals

If the only thing you are sure of is that you know exactly where you want to go and after doing several searches you still can’t find an option that convinces you, then it’s time to consider subscribing to Skycanner alerts.

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As you are very clear about your destination, by activating this option you will receive, directly in your email, an alert as soon as there is a variation in the rates. Thus, when the prices are more suited to your budget, it will be enough to book and pack your bags. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable?

Choose to fly on days with less demand

The problem with traveling when most people do is more expensive. It is the law of supply and demand, and it does not only apply to certain days, or weeks. Therefore, flying on the weekend is usually more expensive than flying on weekdays. Skyscanner’s “Chart” tab will help you see it, although there may be exceptions.

Take a look at this option and give it some thought. Could you wait one more day to travel? This rule is also supposed to apply to times, and not just days. Flying at times when people don’t want to travel might get you cheaper prices too.

Best in low season

Again the law of supply and demand! Traveling in high season, or when most people do, for example during vacation time, can be tempting. But it is not always the best for your pocket, and not only for the price of the flights, but also the stay. In low season, some airports lower their rates, which means that air ticket rates are lower. So you might want to wait a bit for everyone to come back before you go.

Do you want to travel to Amsterdam? But what about if you go to a nearby airport, if you check the “Add nearby airports” box when doing the search, Skyscanner will show you travel options to secondary airports, which are usually cheaper. Because? By the same rule of supply and demand: they usually have less volume of travelers, and therefore cheaper rates.

Choosing secondary airports for your departure will also help you reduce costs. Be sure to also activate this option and expand your possibilities.


They say that the important thing is not to arrive first, but to know how to arrive, right? Well, if the last thing you are in is a hurry, then adding stopovers to your flight can help you reduce the cost of your ticket even more.

You just need to make sure that you are doing your search with stopovers. Later, when the results are shown, you can filter them by direct flights, with one stopover or with 2 or more stopovers. Check and uncheck the checkbox next to each option. Take it easy!

Have a good trip!

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