Styling tips for short women: 7 hacks from our fashion editor

If you have a good one looks If you break it down to its essence, you usually end up with three components: cut, fit and material. For small women can it be a challenge clothes to find the ones that fit well and the figure underline. I’m speaking from experience as I’m 5’1″ and my plan every morning is to dress in a way that doesn’t blend in with my clothes or appear disguised.

This endeavor used to often end up with Google searches like “fashion tricks for small women”. I now know that size is no barrier to dressing with style. I’ll share with you here which details are important so that women who are under 1.60 m tall can dress stylishly and naturally emphasize their figure.

The 7 best styling tips for small women

1. High waist pants are our allies

The simplest styling trick first: the higher the waistband of your trousers, the longer your legs will appear. Those who naturally have longer legs and a shorter torso can opt for mid-rise pants. As simple as that.

2. Emphasize your waist!

Accentuating your waist will visually make your legs look longer. This trick can be transferred to blazers, coats, shirts or dresses. Either go for tailored cuts (which are all the rage right now) or customize airier garments with a waist belt or scarf.

3. Pointed-toe shoes are essential

When it’s supposed to be elegant, I usually wear high heels and regret this choice after a short time. A more convenient and no less chic option for small women are pointed-toe shoes in combination with any wardrobe item. Ballerinas, slides or boots with a pointed toe ensure an elegant leg line and “stretch” them optically considerably.

4. Show your knuckles! Cropped jeans are the best choice for this

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