A wrap dress that we can tie in 24 different ways – our wardrobe all-rounder of the summer

If you are looking for a wrap dress that you can wear in a variety of ways, you will find it at Amazon Fashion. When it comes to clothing trends, wrap variants are currently very popular. The model from the Amazon shop Fymnsi is particularly sophisticated.

Dress trend: This wrap dress leaves nothing to be desired

The highlight is that you can wrap and tie the straps in various ways. They consist of wide panels of fabric that, when twisted together, result in narrower straps or, when fully fanned out, almost as t-shirt sleeves.

But the sleeves can also be tied away completely and – whoops – you have an elegant bandeau dress. The wrap dress can also be tied as a halterneck or backless version. Or, or, or… According to the manufacturer, there are a total of 24 options.

Model wears beige dress from Amazon


Multifunctional dress by Fymnsi

Amazon fashion: One wrap dress, countless possibilities

This makes the wrap dress ideal for all kinds of occasions. The time for big celebrations is finally here again, weddings, round birthdays and other anniversaries are celebrated.

But while one or the other invitation trickles in, we are faced with the question of all questions: What should I wear for this occasion? Lucky is who has struck at this offer. Even if two celebrations follow each other, with this magic dress nobody will find out that you have worn the same piece of clothing several times.

The most versatile wrap dress of the summer

It can be combined depending on the occasion: as a wedding guest you can choose elegant sandals or high heels, with sneakers and a denim jacket it is suitable for the coffee date in the afternoon. The long dress also adapts to the wishes of its buyer in terms of colour, as it is available in over 30 nuances. Our favorite is the model in apricot. If you want to make it a little more colorful, choose the wrap dress in rich green or royal blue.

That’s why this clothing trend is a figure-flatterer

The Amazon dress fits into the dress trend of wraparound models. Classic versions tied around the waist are currently available in all colors and lengths. Incidentally, the cut was already created in the seventies from the combination of wrap blouse and skirt. The American designer Diane von Furstenberg came up with the idea of ​​bringing the two together in one dress.

No wonder this idea hit the fashion world like a bomb. Wrap dresses manage to put the figure in the best light. The cut plays around the silhouette and can be laced very tightly or a little wider, depending on requirements. The model from Amazon Fashion really takes this changeability to the extreme.

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