The best beaches in southern Brazil to enjoy the summer. Surfing, windsurfing, fishing, sunbathing and a caipirinha will be your only worries. Come on?

Brazil welcomes us with music, football and carnival, but also with many dream beaches. We will take a tour of the best beaches in southern Brazil that you can’t miss.

1. Búzios, one of the best beaches in southern Brazil to visit

We will start with the northernmost beach on our list of the best beaches in southern Brazil. This near Rio de Janeiro and it is easy to get to from this airport. Although it has always been very popular among Argentines, Búzios became known worldwide after a visit of Brigitte Bardot in the ’60s, when she was dating a Brazilian musician. From that moment on, it began to establish itself as a luxury spa, so much so that it is called the Saint-Tropez of Brazil.

In Búzios you will find beaches for all tastes. From colder to warmer waters, due to the different marine currents it receives. From quieter to wilder, where go with family in the first case, or Practice surf In a second. More crowded because they are closer to the city center, or more unspoiled because they are a little further away and hidden. Some of the best beaches in Búzios are: Tartaruga, Praia do Canto, Praia dos Ossos, Praia da Azeda and Praia João Fernandez in the north of the peninsula and Praia do Forno, Ferradura, Ferradurinha and Geribá in the south.

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Beaches of southern Brazil, Buzios

It is not a secret that Rio de Janeiro is among the best southern brazilian beaches and that will receive you with all its color, music and joy. The two best known beaches They are Ipanema and Copacabanawhere you can enjoy all the carioca charm. There you can do everything from surfing and other water sports or gameseven lying in the sun on the sand while you listen to the street vendors or a group of boys playing futevoley (a mix between volleyball and soccer). The city of Rio has many more beaches, such as those of Leblon or Botafogowhich are ideal to enjoy with the family.

The good of Rio, the “wonderful city”, is that you can take a walk in its most emblematic neighborhoods, Santa Teresa and Lapa, while losing yourself in the narrow streets of the favelas. In any case, you have to take into account that any trip to Rio de Janeiro is not complete if you do not Climb Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf, from where you will have the most incredible views of the city. There are so many places in Rio de Janeiro to visit that you won’t have time to get bored.

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Beaches of southern Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

3. Camboriú Spa, beautiful beaches and much more

It is one of the cities with the highest quality of life in Brazil and also one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Brazil. essential to make a walk along the Atlantic avenue, while you observe the tall buildings that are on its coastline and you delve into its gastronomy in some of the hundreds of restaurants. Just as Rio de Janeiro has its Christ the Redeemer, Camboriú Spa has its Christ Light, a monument that watches over the entire city from on high. And when it comes to fun, this city has the Unipraias Park, where one can ride the cable car, get on a roller coaster sled and feel the adrenaline rushing down a zip line. there is also the Beto Carrero World, which is one of the largest theme parks in Latin America. There’s no place for boredom!

But we came to Camboriú to enjoy its beaches, so we go to them. The best known is central beach, which is the one that is closest to hand because it is located right in the center of the city. It is also the most popular. If you are looking for something a little more rugged, less crowded and more paradisiacal, you can travel the Interpraias highway and know Laranjerias, Taquarinhas, Taquaras, Pino, Estaleiro and Estaleirinho.

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4. Bombas and Bombinhas, among the best beaches in southern Brazil

Although the two best-known towns are Bombas and Bombinhas, the Portobelo peninsula offers a variety of resorts with the most beautiful beaches in southern Brazil. Such are the cases of Mariscal or Canto Grandewith more extensive beaches of fine sand, where a variety of water sports are carried out thanks to the force of the wavesand fishing is practiced.

In Bombs and Bombinhas the beaches are more idyllic, with warm and calm waters, where you can snorkel and dive. Both have avenues parallel to the sea, full of hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy a good fish dish. The difference between the two can already be seen in their name, the beaches of Bombas are more extensive than those of Bombinhas, but if you go to this area of ​​Brazil, you will be able to walk between them equally.

Florianópolis has many of the best southern brazilian beaches. A part of the city is located in the Santa Catarina Island and the other on the mainland, and are linked together by two bridges. One of them is that of Hercilio Luz, which has become one of its emblems.

The island is not tiny but rather It is 54 km north-south long. with many incredible beaches and two saltwater lagoons where water sports are practiced. You have to dedicate a few days (or a good vacation) to tour Florianópolis, because there is also a lot to do. The beaches in the north of the island are the most visited as Jurere International, canasscallops either English from Rio Vermelho. If you like surfing, you will love Joaquina beach and Mole beach.

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Beaches of southern Brazil, Florianópolis

Although Porto Alegre does not have beaches in itself because it is located on the mainland, it is the gateway to hundreds of lagoons and extensive beaches that are on the coast. maybe the gaucho beaches (this is what the inhabitants of Porto Alegre are called) are not the most beautiful you will see in Brazil, but are the closest to Argentina if you are traveling by car. Due to its location facing the ocean, the strong waves are ideal for those who they like to surf the waves. For the rest of water sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing that involve the wind as an indispensable component, the lagoons are the chosen ones. Also for whom they practice fishing.

Some closest beaches to Porto Alegre they are Xangri-La, Arroio Do Sal and Torres. And if you travel with children, you may be interested in visiting one of the largest water parks in Latin America, Aqua Locos. Guaranteed fun!

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Sunset in Porto Alegre

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