Biker looks are in 2023, and so the trend is being worn around the biker jacket

biker looks is a topic that never goes out of style. And let’s be honest, leather jackets in particular are a go-to piece that go really well with all outfits at any time of the year. But even classics get a little update from time to time and show themselves from a trend-safe side, above all through reinterpretations by the designers and rediscovered vintage pieces. So why are we all crazy about biker looks are, what the trend is all about and how it is styled, we will tell you below.

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This is what you should know about Biker Looks 2.0

Leather mania, biker core or even “Motomami” – this trend has many names, but what it’s all about remains the same: looks with leather and rough details. Because lacquer and leather are also available this season without traces of oil and for less motorsport-savvy fashionistas. One of them is the singer Rosalia, who even wrote an entire album for fans: “Motomami”. Roughly translated from Spanish, that means something like “woman with a motorcycle”. Appropriate, because this is exactly the impression the trend wants to create. Because compared to earlier biker trends, it is less based on rock punk, but would like to place itself specifically in the sporty category. Only without necessarily being a part of it – because all that counts is the look.

Biker looks and biker jackets: That’s why aesthetics are so trendy at the moment

The trend started in 2022 when creative director Glen Martin made his debut at Diesel, presenting a range of oversized and distressed biker looks. With a mix of archive-inspired retro pieces, what’s great about the much-visited Instagram trend is that it can be easily re-styled with thrift and vintage clothing items. Because there you will find a plethora of leather jackets, coats or bottoms made of leather that correspond exactly to this sporty aesthetic and have a “natural” used finish. And let’s be honest: there is almost no combination that doesn’t look much cooler with a biker jacket. In addition, the jackets also keep you warm, which makes them the perfect companion for autumn.


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