Combine a jumpsuit: Everything you need to know about the trend one-piece suit, including styling tips and no-gos

Today is jumpsuit Luckily, our wardrobe can no longer be imagined without it. Whether winter or summer, the all-rounder has the right model for every season and temperature, making it a tried-and-tested classic that should not be missing in any wardrobe. We love that jumpsuit, because it can be adapted so well to any occasion and you can combine it for a wide variety of occasions with simple styling. But be careful when choosing a model, because the popular one piece meanwhile goes by many names, which differ in essential details. We have summarized everything you should consider when buying and combining, and researched the history of the garment for you.

Where does the jumpsuit actually come from?

We all love and wear the cool one-piece suit – but did you know that the jumpsuit actually has a military origin for women? The “jump suit” (English “jump” = to jump and “suit” = suit) originally referred to the operational clothing of paratroopers. The jumpsuits offered their wearers a lot of freedom of movement and did not slip even when jumping out of the plane. At the end of the 1930s, fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli made the jumpsuit look wearable for women for the first time, but it was not until the 1970s that the one-piece suit completely conquered the fashion world and became a trend.

Elegant jumpsuits

Elegant jumpsuits: These 17 models are THE eye-catchers at every Christmas or New Year’s Eve party

What shoes do you wear with a jumpsuit?

The beauty of the jumpsuit? Depending on how you combine it, it really suits every occasion. The style of the look can be influenced primarily by the choice of shoes. With sandals, Birkenstocks or flip-flops, the trendy one-piece suits look super casual in everyday life. The same goes for sneakers. In the office you can then go for loafers or chic slippers and for the party or as a wedding guest, the combination with high heels or platform sandals is perfect. As you can see, the jumpsuit is a real miracle weapon and is just waiting for the right styling, which can also be varied with accessories such as jewellery, bags and sunglasses. So that you are prepared for every eventuality, we present you with the most important styling tips for the most common occasions.

These are the most popular jumpsuit styles


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