Combine a leather jacket: This is how cool you style the classic 2023

There are items of clothing that are hyped for two or three years and then disappear from the scene again, but there are also pieces that are evergreens, so-called wardrobe staples. Favorite pieces that work season after season, year after year and together with other pieces, the basic wardrobe for our outfits form. Sometimes as a follower, sometimes as the main actor, depending on which fashion style is currently in demand. These include blue jeans with a straight cut, the white oversized shirt, a classic cashmere sweater, but also casual ones leather jacket. However, one thing is already certain: stay in 2023 leather jackets not under the radar as a basic piece, they are making it big this year as a trend piece. Which variants at styling are extremely popular right now and like you Combine leather jacket you can find out here.

Combine a leather jacket: These are the three trendiest models in 2023

1. Combine a leather jacket: The biker style

The most famous leather jacket is probably the rocking biker model, which is equipped with many zippers, buttons, buckles, belts and lapel collars.

Originally, the biker jacket – as the name suggests – was designed for motorcycling. The robust material should not only protect the driver from the cold wind, but also from injuries in the event of an accident. Today, the classic biker jacket, either in a cropped cut or in extra length, is part of casual streetwear that gives every look an extra portion of coolness.

2. Combine a leather jacket: the leather blazer

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The leather blazer is a real competitor to the classic biker style of 2023. Actually no wonder, after all we are celebrating the fashion comeback of the 90s and 00s fashion trends. Just like back then, we prefer to wear the tailored blazer made of black imitation or real leather with boot-cut jeans, a white T-shirt and black ankle boots.

3. Combine a leather jacket: the boxy cut

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