Combine shirt blouse: The 5 best tricks

Goods style doesn’t take much effort. Rather, individual well-chosen and high-quality items of clothing ensure look, which will not soon be forgotten. The shirt blouse is one of them. Timeless enough to make it easy to wear for any occasion, yet modern enough to always be on trend.

This is due to the reluctance of Blouse in the style of a men’s shirt, which is mostly made of cotton and is a real wardrobe classic in the classic colors white or light blue. while the shirt blouse in business fashion or for serious occasions, it is also so versatile that it can be combined to create louder or more playful pieces. This can be done particularly creatively in the 2022 spring/summer season, as our 5 stylish hacks show.

The most beautiful shirt blouses 2022 to shop for

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Model wide, white and blue striped shirt blouse with jeans


Wide-sleeved shirt with a wide fit

5 stylish hacks to wear the shirt blouse in Spring 2022

The no-frills shirt goes with casual fashion such as jeans and sneakers, balances very playful or figure-hugging pieces such as skirts and can be thrown nonchalantly over a bikini in summer. However, the top itself can always be restyled.

1. The Nonchalant Knot

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So simple and so fashionable: when you tie a shirt-blouse in front, it looks like a new piece of clothing. Since the shirt becomes a crop top with this styling, it goes well with the warm season. If it is knotted deeper, less skin is revealed and you don’t have to freeze.

2. Super oversized layers

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