Dakota Johnson is wearing these trend pants all the time

We saw that (artificial) leather will continue to define our looks in 2023 at the fashion shows of the past year, but also with the trendy Scandinavians. Sworn fashion professionals know very well that the trend has been dominating our feeds for a long time, and Dakota Johnson also seems to have jumped on the (fashionable) bandwagon. We’ll tell you why we love leather looks so much and how you can easily combine the trend and give every look that “cool girl” vibe.

Dakota Johnson: That’s why she’s not the only fan of leather pants

Before we look at Dakota Johnson’s ultimate styling formula for trendy pants, we want to emphasize again why (faux) leather is so trendy right now. Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s a coat, leggings, a full look or a dress, the material is being worn everywhere right now. Apart from the fact that items of clothing such as leather jackets have become absolute fashion classics, the often dark, robust-looking fabric always exudes a certain mysterious aura. No wonder it’s also used by superheroes and superstars to create an unapproachable vibe. So (artificial) leather is a fashionable armor that gives us strength and the “cool girl” look.

With this styling principle, Dakota Johnson combines her trend pants made of (artificial) leather

Dakota Johnson also knows about this effect and combines the (artificial) leather pants according to a very simple principle that can be applied very easily and to a wide variety of clothing items. The pants serve as an edgy break in style, which they specifically enhance with stuffy, chic or elegant pieces. This ensures that her looks are always coherent, but above all look really cool. For inspiration, we have put together three casual examples that you can easily restyle – for an event, the office or in everyday life.

3 casual outfits by Dakota Johnson with the trend trousers 2023

1. Lederhosen with a stuffy white blouse with ruffles

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2. Leather trousers with an elegant corset top

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3. Leather trousers with boucle jacket

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