Styling trick for denim skirts: You should definitely know this ingenious layering hack!

When it’s not really warm yet, we are often faced with the question of what to wear: pack up warm or go for a style that doesn’t necessarily match the weather? Austrian content creator Christl Clear, who empowers her community to wear what they want, says: “Make sure you’re dressed warm because there’s no way we’re going to catch a cold in the name of fashion.” To that end, she presents a pretty ingenious one styling trick for denim skirts, which is the perfect solution to a fashion problem that is all too familiar to us, both in winter and autumn as well as in the transitional period. Here we tell you how it’s done!

Styling trick for denim skirts: Christl Clear shows how it’s done!

We all know the combination of dress and pants, which was the ultimate non plus ultra, especially in the noughties. Loved by some and hated by others, the controversial dress-pants combo made a comeback last spring, and the styling trick for denim skirts is based on it. But instead of trousers with a skirt, a maxi dress with a denim skirt is used here. The result is a cool material contrast of denim and knitwear on the one hand and a new, really cool silhouette on the other. Because of the skirt with a zipper in the center front, which is closed about a quarter, the look looks like wearing a dress with several layers.

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That’s why we should remember this ingenious styling trick

This styling trick for denim skirts is so ingenious because it works in the spirit of a transitional wardrobe. Because especially in the transitional period, somehow nothing really wants to go with the weather and the temperatures. So this is where our favorite fashion helper, called layering, comes into play: Because we don’t have to do without any of the most fashionable pieces and we don’t run the risk of catching a cold or being overdressed. Because if you solve it smartly, you can always put down a shift. We’re only certain about the dress-skirt combo: it’s made to be worn all day and also conjures up a beautiful silhouette – thanks to the high-waisted waistband of the maxi jean skirt.

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