Desigual x Maitrepierre: everything you need to know about the designer collection

Presented as part of Paris Fashion Week Desigual on September 26, 2022 the first collection with the designer Alphonse Maitrepierre. After working for Jean Paul Gaultier, founded Chanel and Acne Studios Maitrepierre 2018 his own label, with a focus on sustainability. For the designer collection with Desigual he now merges his own signature in an artistic symbiosis with the Spanish label. He was inspired by archive pieces and reinterpreted them with his technologically influenced and avant-garde perspective. What emerges are three-dimensional prints that create the illusion of real forms. The same applies to sophisticated design language, which radiates something very special through small details such as patches or abstract cuts and only reveals its special features at second glance.

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Desigual x Maitrepierre: This is what you should know about the designer collection

The collection, themed ‘Creature’, takes its cue from the mythical image of the praying mantis – unique, unusual and unexpected. But the natural side is also reflected in the garments, because the topic of sustainability plays a major role in the production and philosophy of the Frenchman. From futuristic shoes, playful bags, dresses and extravagant jeans styles (some of which were created with the help of upcycling), the pieces created in the collaboration have a 100% sustainability claim. Anyone who wants to stand out and is looking for an eye-catcher will find what they are looking for here, but there is also something for reserved tastes.


GLAMOR interview with Alphonse Maitrepierre

We spoke to the designer about the 20-piece collection, inspiration and his avant-garde yet highly wearable design language

GLAMOUR: How did the collection come about and what is the message behind it?

Alphonse Maitrepierre: “When we met, I immediately realized that there are so many similarities between Desigual and Maitrepierre. How we think, work and that we both try to see sustainability as the core of the brand. The fact that Desigual is extremely connected to the theme of nature was also an inspiration for me right from the start. I then worked a lot with the archive, especially the pieces from the 80s and 90s, which are really extraordinary. So the idea was to bring all of that together – the past, nature and the digital as well. That’s exactly what I do with Maitrepierre and then I try to abstract it and add the technological aspect. For example, at first glance it looks like we’ve worked with a floral print, but if you take a closer look, it’s insects. We also did the same with the construction of the silhouettes.”

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