Hailey Bieber: Her mini dress is perfect for any event

Sometimes the simple fashion pieces are the best because they don’t need a lot of styling effort to look good. Know that too Hailey Bieber and relies on a model that is perfect for minimalists who don’t want to do without a special twist. We think this mini dress is perfect for the upcoming event season and a real keeper for a long-lasting wardrobe. Here are the details!

Hailey Bieber: This detail makes her mini dress so special

Hailey Bieber relies on an old friend: the little black dress. The iconic dress that wows everyone from film to television and always works. But of course there are a dime a dozen, because the designers insist on upgrading the classic with new details. Hailey Bieber’s version from the Sportmax autumn/winter collection is all about tailoring. The figure-hugging and high-necked dress is reminiscent of a blazer, especially due to the patch side pockets. This creates a very special shape that makes its wearer look extremely glamorous. And that without much further action or styling – brilliant, right?

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That’s why we love simple fashion inspo √† la Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber always manages to wow us with her looks and inspires us to create cool combinations with her own pieces based on her templates. Especially now that there is a plethora of parties, events and dinners coming up, Hailey Bieber’s outfits are just right for us. Alternatively, we can recreate the look with a long blazer or upcycle a black, minimalist dress from the closet to add new details. But the most important message is this: It doesn’t take much to create great looks, so we don’t have to stress ourselves when looking for one. Rather, reflect more on the items of clothing in which we always feel comfortable.

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