Heidi Klum: Her hip hat reminds us of her iconic Halloween look

Heidi Klum makes the ski slopes unsafe and looks like a worm. Yes, you read that right, because we (and also some of her followers on Instagram) can’t help but see a certain resemblance between her winter look and her Halloween costume. How exactly we came up with this idea and with which hat trend Heidi Klum reminds us of her (almost) most iconic fashion moment of 2022, we’ll tell you below.

Heidi Klum’s trendy hat reminds us of her 2022 Halloween costume

If you don’t want to freeze in winter, according to the fashion professionals, you can opt for the balaclava hat trend. The knitted balaclava is insanely practical, keeps you warm and is also the ideal fashion companion for skiing. Heidi Klum knows that too and of course does not do without the trendy must-have. So far, so good, but some fans were taken aback by the choice of color and shape: because the model in beige, which tapers to a point on the head, is strongly reminiscent of her Halloween disguise as a worm. Which of course not only caught our eye and brightened the day. And hand on heart: We can’t see it!

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That’s why we love the Balaclava fashion trend, which provides all-round fun in fashion

But it’s not just Heidi Klum’s resemblance to her worm costume that makes her hat make us smile. Many of us know balaclavas from our own childhood or from skiing holidays and have nostalgic memories of the headgear ourselves. The resulting fashion trend naturally pays directly into this account and creates a whimsical vibe all around the item of clothing, which despite its enormous suitability for fashion always causes a few laughs. A good fit for Heidi Klum, who masterfully and carelessly succeeds in making fashion beautiful and entertaining. So this winter she’s making people laugh as “The Woolly Worm” with a wink, as one of her followers so beautifully noted.

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