Jennifer Lawrence is now embracing THIS ’00s fashion trend, and Anne Hathaway was recently spotted in this look too

The comeback of 2000s fashion can no longer be stopped – on the contrary: we are already right in the middle of it. And if it always looked as great as it did last time with Jennifer Lawrence, we would probably wear nothing else but the reinterpreted looks of the turn of the millennium.

Jennifer Lawrence in a ready-to-wear look by Alaïa

On February 24th at a gala of the fashion magazine W Magazine in LA, the actress, who has shone in films such as “The Hunger Games” and “Don’t Look Up”, wore a ready-to-wear look from the spring collection by Italian label Alaïa. The look: a blazer with a gathered waist and shoulder accents paired with a floor-length leather skirt.

But it wouldn’t be Jennifer Lawrence if she didn’t add a tongue-in-cheek personal touch to the look. Which is why she wears the lapels of the blazer casually pulled down to her shoulders – which gives the outfit an interesting nude twist with a pointed décolleté. In addition, Jennifer Lawrence wears her blond hair loose with a few soft waves in an undone look, which create the ideal balance to the edgy outfit.

The drop waist trend is back and reminds us of the party dresses of the 2000s

And the soft pink lipstick and the restrained smoky eye make-up also show that the real star of Jennifer Lawrence’s look is the outfit. No wonder, because it’s sort of the modern update of the 2000s drop waist trend. The eye-catcher of the trend: the low-slung hip accents and asymmetrical ruffles of the blazer, which are reminiscent of all party dresses and blouses of the 00s.

Now that low-rise jeans, micro-skirts and tube tops have long been part of everyday Gen Z looks, it was only a matter of time before this look made a comeback.

Jennifer Lawrence and Editor-in-Chief Sara Moonves at the fashion magazine’s party W Magazine in L.A

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And Anne Hathaway recently shone in a very similar outfit – also by Alaïa – at the Berlin Film Festival. Instead of statement shoulders, Anne Hathaway instead opted for a softer silhouette with a black hooded dress. But even with this look, the most important detail is the low-slung hip gathering in black leather. Anne Hathaway styles the ensemble with ’00s elements – as does Jennifer Lawrence – with a pair of Alaïa’s cabaret heels, but opted for strappy heels instead of pumps.

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