Leni Klum shows us how: we wear trench coats in this style in spring

There is no beginning of spring without the trench coat, because the classic, mostly beige-colored coat is the go-to piece for the transitional period and simply looks fantastic in any combination. Know that too Leni Klum and relies on the popular coat style for the first moments of summer this year. But oops, something is different than usual: Leni Klum relies on a very special version! You can read here what it is and why exactly this style is so popular in 2023!

Leni Klum: According to her, we wear the trench coat in this style in 2023

In addition to selfies and insights into her life as a model, you can always find a lot of outfit inspiration on Leni Klum’s Instagram account. This also applies to a classic coat that everyone surely has hanging in their closet in at least one version: the trench coat. But instead of relying on the proven version, Leni Klum prefers a trendy denim model. Yes, you read that right, the trench choat is getting a pretty cool material update for 2023. Because hardly any fabric inspires more than jeans. It is therefore ideal for upgrading the popular classic for the coming season and making it (almost) even more ingenious than it already is.

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That’s why the denim trench coat is an absolute must-have

Leni Klum presents a model on Insta in dark blue denim, with which she styles strappy sandals and a large brown shopper – all by Michael Kors. This creates a fairly casual break in style, which makes her look pretty cool despite the chic shoes. And that is exactly the secret of the denim trench: it gives every outfit an effortlessly cool effect. Whether in combination with sneakers, Mary Janes or high heels – the material ensures that you are always stylish. And that’s why we recommend the trench coat as a miracle styling weapon that will really save you every look – we promise! In addition, you are still absolutely trendy, because denim is an integral part of every wardrobe this season, and that in all possible shapes and styles.


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