Bella Hadid takes the visible g-string trend to the extreme with this look

Visible underwear is nothing new in fashion: be it as a protest, a fashion trend or a deliberate use of detail. Also Bella Hadid was spotted at last year’s Paris Fashion Week (at the Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2023 show) in an ultra-short, hipster mini skirt that featured the matching thong. But that’s not all: now the model showed up on Instagram with another G-string combo that takes the Y2K look to the extreme. How exactly that at Bella Hadid now looks like and how you can style the underwear trend in everyday life, you can read below.

Bella Hadid turns Y2K lingerie into a statement look

If you look at her fashion history, then for Bella Hadid the thong is a permanent fashion companion. Starting in 2019 when the model wore a look with exposed straps and gold-tone details to the Versace Spring/Summer 2022 show, she keeps showing us how to mix and match the trend. Of course, this causes a lot of controversy even among fashion professionals, because not everyone is a fan of the underwear trend of the 90s and 2000s.

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But once you check out her latest (g-string) genius prank, there’s no questioning the applicability. Bella Hadid posted a picture (in a photo dump) of her in cargo pants and a tank top rolled up. Black lingerie bands are visible around the middle of her body, framing her stomach both in front and behind. Pretty casual and suddenly not as trashy as we were used to from the Y2K era, right?


Style it like Bella Hadid: This is how the underwear trend works in everyday life

Of course, since we don’t all go to fashion shows (let alone run for them) or want to deal with impractical trends in everyday life, here comes the best style advise to make the string look √† la Bella Hadid applicable. Similar to the corsets, the right combination is also important here. This works best with basics or casual pieces that take away the wicked image of the underwear (yes, even the G-string) and make it look absolutely modern. It is not for nothing that there are already garments that have precisely these details sewn in and make the trend much more accessible to everyone. So if you don’t want to start with the thong right away, you can easily recreate Bella Hadid’s looks with trousers that have a separate, double waistband, or simply wear high-cut boxers (with a logo waistband) – so 90s!

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