Perfect spring dress: these midi-length knit dresses are absolutely trendy

Comfortable knitted dresses not only get us through the winter in style, they are also suitable as spring dresses. In the warmer season, models with a very specific detail make the dresses the perfect companions. We’ll tell you why this trend is so promising.

Knit dresses in midi length are the ideal spring dresses

When it comes to combining comfort with timeless elegance, there is probably no piece that achieves this symbiosis better than a classic knitted dress. That’s why we’re all the happier that this style is spilling over from winter to spring. The dresses are then characterized by a midi length, which makes the trend compatible with warmer temperatures. And if they are still a long time coming in the transitional period, we simply combine the It style with tights.

Speaking of combining: Spring dresses in midi length turn out to be true all-rounders. The look doesn’t need much – apart from some jewellery, maybe a hat like a bucket hat or a baseball cap, a coat and a matching pair of shoes. In the latter case, we have a lot of leeway. The knitwear dresses, which reach down to the knees or calves, go well with both chunky loafers and heeled boots with sturdy platform soles. Trendy cowboy boots or simple sneakers can round off this look and give it a very special touch.

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Perfect spring dress: Here you can shop for midi-length knitted dresses

Can’t wait for the spring trend? Then you now have the chance to strike, because Mango, H&M and Co. already have the trendy it-pieces in their range.

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Turtleneck knit dress

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Brushed rib midi dress from Miss Selfridge

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