Styling tip from the French: These 5 must-have sweaters immediately make every look look more stylish and expensive

French chic could easily be described as the supreme discipline of fashion styles. After all, French women inspire the whole world with their skilful mix of elegance and effortlessness. A styling tip plays a special role here – and of course we don’t want to withhold it from you.

Styling tip from French women: They rely on timeless sweaters for the perfect look

French women enchant the fashion world with their minimalist sophistication. You know how to play with elegant elements, but never to be “over the top”. Because what is always very important to them is nonchalance. Her looks always appear calm, but at the same time absolutely stylish and to the point. A secret weapon of the French girls is to go with timeless basics.

To be more precise, it is an essential that belongs to the absolute basic fashion equipment: a simple, classic sweater. The subtle piece is the perfect base for outfits that are characterized by the typical laissez-faire attitude. This makes the sweater look super high-quality and expensive, and it also harmonises with the style that the French are so into. The top is also extremely versatile and can be used again and again and in different ways for different occasions. The French girls appreciate that.

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Sweaters in French chic: Here you can shop the favorites of the French women

1. Classic sweater in black

A classic black sweater is not only essential for the French wardrobe. There is probably no bigger all-rounder than this top. French women, for example, wear it in combination with chinos and ballerinas.

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Black fine knit sweater


Fine knit sweater

Black fine knit sweater

2. The striped sweater

The Breton shirt is one of the key pieces in the French wardrobe and exudes maritime flair even in the cold season. Because the striped sweater goes perfectly with straight-cut jeans and loafers. In summer, French girls match it with denim shorts, XL shopper and sandals with block heels.

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Knit sweater in navy blue/stripes

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3. The cropped sweater in a neutral color

If you ask for a styling tip in France, you will not be able to avoid cropped sweaters. In eye-catching and bright colors, however, they would not harmonize with the classically elegant French chic. Therefore, the choice falls on neutral colors such as black or white.

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