Taylor Swift sparkles with a message in her music video for the single “Bejeweld.”

After herself singer Taylor Swift already showed at the VMAs 2022 in a naked dress made of sparkling crystals and thus heralded a new (musical) era, she is pursuing the topic further. For her new music video for the song “Bejeweld” from the album “Midnight” shows Taylor Swift in a partner look with burlesque dancer Dita von Teese in a body that seems to consist of countless stones. But that’s not enough, because fashion conveys a message. Here we tell you everything about the look, which couldn’t have picked up the song title more appropriately.

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Taylor Swift: Her outfit in the music video for the song “Bejeweld” is a fashion highlight

Fashion in music videos is just as interesting for fans as glamorous dresses at a red carpet event. And with this look by Taylor Swift, we are certain that she would also make a brilliant appearance on the red carpet with it, which would make for a real highlight. True to the motto “Diamonds are a girls best friends”, Taylor Swift (in minute 3:33) shows herself in a stone-covered body that sparkles in the light of the video. The silver-colored and transparent crystals appear almost as if they are sitting directly on the skin, which gives the impression of a naked look. In addition, they get smaller and smaller from the décolleté to the hips and take up the color and shape of the matching Swarovski chain. It consists of several octagon-cut white crystals lined up in a row and provides an additional, top-class wow moment.

That’s why we’re so obsessed with Taylor Swift’s sparkling look

Anyone who watched the music video from start to finish will have noticed that Taylor Swift is clearly picking up on the Cinderella fairy tale. Again, fashion was used as a means to an end. Because once the shy girl got the magical fairy makeover, the dress gave her an extra boost of confidence that helped her take control of her future. Something that is also addressed in Taylor Swift’s video for “Bejeweld” and placed in today’s context.

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