We know that it is not the best time to travel. But in addition to providing updates and advice on COVID-19, we still want to share the best deals of the moment so that when the world reopens, you’ll be ready to explore it.

Why think about how expensive the dollar is when you can travel to other countries very cheaply and with an excellent exchange rate that will make our currency perform to the maximum?

It is not a secret that the Mexican peso vs. dollar exchange rate discourages us a bit from thinking about traveling to the United States. It is a pretext to open our minds, take a map and expand our horizons towards new destinations.

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To inspire you a little and show you that traveling cheap even with the economic situation of the country is possiblewe have given ourselves the task of presenting you with a list of the cheapest destinations to travel in the world.

Russia? It is not close at all, but this great country offers an excellent exchange rate that will make us enjoy all its attractions without limitations. And it is that for MX$ 100 you will have the equivalent of 332.88 Russian rubles, but what can you buy with this? The entrance to the Kremlin is 1,000 rubles, but it is a site that is worth it and you will spend a whole day admiring another culture.

Thus, you can enjoy endless destinations and activities from visiting the Kremlin, traveling to the beautiful beaches of the Black Sea or the Baltic Sea, while you marvel at the majesty of its historic buildings worthy of a czar, without worrying too much about exhausting your budget. Not bad, right?

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๐ŸŒด 25 cheap destinations to visit in Brazil

This country from Rio de Janeiro is another great destination that offers very good possibilities for those of us looking to travel to new destinations with little money. This country not only has beautiful beaches, but also various historic cities, unparalleled natural beauties and monuments that are recognized throughout the world. In addition, the joy and sensuality of its people will be a special touch while you travel through its territory.

For MX$100 you will get almost 20 Brazilian Reais while a package of hamburger with soft drink will cost you 8 Reais. So no one says no to discovering the impressive landscapes of the Diamond Plated or tread the Amazon jungle or cool off on the beaches of Rio.

Remember to look for accommodation in advance to obtain accommodation at an affordable price.

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The Greeks have taken pains to offer the best tourist experiences to make their visitors fall in love. For MX $200 you will get โ‚ฌ9, which is equivalent to a traditional food menu in some restaurant in this country.

In this way, travelers feel at home when visiting historical attractions such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon or taking an underground tour of the Drogati and Melissani caves, it is even more to indulge in the luxury of cooling off on the beaches of the paradisiacal islands of Santorini and Mykonos.

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๐Ÿ•Œ Guide to travel to Turkey: tips and recommendations

Let yourself be enveloped by the charm of this destination in a Mediterranean atmosphere admiring its impressive palaces, mosques and exotic natural landscapes that will transport you to the time of sultans, genies, flying carpets and enchanted princesses. Travel the country from Istanbul to the enigmatic cities of Cappadocia and Pammukale, admire the theater of Aspendos and Mount Olympus, and imagine what life was like at the time when the Lycian Tombs of Myra and Fethiye were built.

The best? You shouldn’t worry too much about the budget. MX$100 is equivalent to approximately 29.53 Turkish Liras, with this you can buy a traditional kebab for between 6 and 8 Turkish liras.

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Since we are traveling so far, a great option is the mystical India, whose temples, monuments and sacred places will connect you with your most spiritual side. How about visiting one of its Buddhist settlements or going on a jungle safari in search of the white tiger? These are just some of the many options that this country has to offer you.

How much does it cost Mexicans a few days in India?

The answer will surprise you since MX$100 is equivalent to approximately 350 Rupees, with which you can enjoy three meals a day. Stomach full heart happy, fabulous! No?

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Little by little this Latin American country has been positioning itself as one of the destinations that you cannot miss, as well as being a very accessible destination -monetarily speaking-. Its currency is the Peruvian Sol and MX$100 is equivalent to approximately 17.12 soles, while a meal in an average restaurant will cost you only 10 soles.

With your budget you will be ready to meet Arequipa, the Colca Valley, the city of Chiclayo, Cuzco, Lima, walk the Inca Trail and culminate with a wonderful view from the top of one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world: Machu Pichu.

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In summary, we bring a list with the cheapest destinations for Mexicans with the average flight price.

What are the cheapest destinations to travel?

Before booking a plane ticket, check your airline’s flight cancellation, rebooking and refund policies, as well as travel prohibitions and restrictions.

Check here the latest information on flight cancellations due to the coronavirus.

We strongly recommend that you read the advice of local authorities and governments, such as the Ministry of Health, and also the official guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO), a trusted source of global news and information.

Enough of excuses and travel! Remember that in Skyscanner you can look for the cheapest flights, take your backpack, put together an average budget and start your journey to one of the cheapest destinations for Mexicans.

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