This Zara bag looks like it’s from the designer and you can shop it here

Black has always been a clear style choice that works both as an all-over look and when it comes to accessories. Coco Chanel already knew that and designed the little black dress, and Wednesday (from the Addams Family) is also in agreement with it and, thanks to the remake, provides fashion moments with the dark tone. In the spirit of non-color, we have for you in the Zara online shop discovered a product that is an absolute must-have for every wardrobe and looks like it has been from designers. You can find out exactly what kind of piece it is and which iconic bag it reminds us of here!

This Zara bag looks like it’s from the designer

Small, practical, curved edges and a shiny black patent leather look. This is how the shoulder bag from Zara with flap can be described. And thus summarizes everything we want from the perfect all-rounder bag: function and universal applicability. But if she also has an iconic doppelganger that fashion connoisseurs can recognize as a reference, the purchase is almost a done deal. Because contrary to the assumption that it always has to be an original, investing in a designer piece is not always affordable or even a priority, especially for younger fashion fans. But in this way (namely with lookalikes like the Zara bag) the luxury brand DNA can be approached.

Black bag from Zara


Shiny shoulder bags with rounded edges

The Zara bag reminds us of this iconic bag, which goes with every outfit

When we first saw the Zara bag, we fell in love with its retro silhouette. We are particularly impressed by the curved silhouette and the look. Because both are reminiscent of the Prada “Cleo”, which we have been able to admire on the most diverse fashion professionals on social media for a long time. And this is where it all comes together, as the aforementioned retro vibe comes from being a reinterpretation of a ’90s model. So she perfectly meets our Y2K obsessed zeitgeist, which likes everything that looks even remotely vintage. So you see: there are only good reasons to buy the Zara bag, because in addition to the nostalgia factor and the clear designer references, it is also an absolute snap and (thanks to its color) it goes with everything. So: “Don’t walk, run!”

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