Dua Lipa wore a white (!) naked dress to a wedding

Dua Lipa was invited to another wedding – and with her look she almost looked as if it had been her own. Her dress could easily pass as a wedding dress – it was quite a sensual naked dress. Here we show you the outfit that will also attract attention afterwards.

With this wedding guest look in white, Dua Lipa turns heads

As Dua Lipa arrived at the wedding location of designer Simone Porte Jaquemus and his partner Marco Maestri in Charleval, France, all eyes must have been on her. The singer came in all white. Almost. With her black bag, she ventured a small change in style. But back to the main focus: Dua Lipa wore a long, light-colored naked dress made of transparent fabric (by Jaquemus, of course) on which some embroidery was found and under which her matching underpants were clearly visible – but everything was covered.

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Wedding of Simon Jacquemus: Dua Lipa comes in white

The singer has thus built two supposed no-gos into her outfit as a wedding guest. For one thing, it’s actually said that you should show less skin at a wedding – but Dua Lipa was very revealing. Another taboo in her look is of course the color white, which is actually reserved for those who are getting married. But we’re pretty sure it was even part of the dress code in this case. Dua Lipa wasn’t the only one among the guests who wore a white dress. Since Dua Lipa’s dress also comes from Jaquemus’ Fall/Winter 2022 Collection, it can be assumed that this actual wedding guest no-go was agreed and wanted. Accordingly, the singer is perfectly dressed with her daring naked dress and did not put her foot in it.

Styling tip for wedding guests: In principle, however, we recommend always studying the dress code carefully from wedding to wedding in order to avoid potential fashion faux pas. And depending on what the couple decides, you can also be quite right with no-gos.

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