Small pocket on jeans: what is it for?

Classic 5-pocket jeans give us a lot of mysteries. What is the fifth pocket on jeans for? does she have a name Do you want to keep small change in it? Or is the mini bag just a decoration? We answer all questions.

Who actually invented jeans?

We wear jeans for every occasion these days. Whether it’s a plain black pair for the office, stylish wide-leg trousers for brunch with the girls, or elegant coated denim with a leather look for the evening: Jeans are an absolute essential for any time of the day or night and can be anything from casual to chic.

But that was not always so. Originally, the versatile piece was purely workwear. Denim pants were invented by the Americans Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1872. The two had designed jeans primarily for the needs of gold diggers. For the hard physical work, you needed clothing made of sturdy material that was resistant to stress and dirt.

What is the little pocket on the jeans for?

Many think that the mini pocket on the jeans is for small change. That is why some also speak of the coin pocket. But that is not entirely correct.

The correct name of the supposed coin pouch is also an indication of its real purpose. Levi Strauss himself did not describe it as a coin compartment but as a watch compartment. Well, who guessed the meaning now?

Levi Strauss designed the jeans with an additional Mini compartment, so that the pocket watch that was so popular at the time could find room in it, so the fifth pocket served as a “watch pocket”. This was the most important accessory for men in the 19th century and was indispensable in the everyday life of gold diggers and workers.

What does 5-pocket jeans mean?

So far so good. And what exactly is that 5-pocket jeans? It’s basically the classic one jeans, because that’s exactly how Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis originally conceived our favorite denim. The original model consists of two pockets on the front, two on the back – and of course the famous one fifth bagwhich gives the cult piece its name.

When was the trouser pocket invented?

Before the famous denim pants, men preferred to stow their watches in their waistcoat pockets. That’s why the Levi Strauss design originally only had four trouser pockets. After some time, however, it was found that the waistcoat was not a suitable place to store the pocket watch, as it could easily scratch it. Levi Strauss reacted to the problem by adding a mini compartment for the watch to the trousers he had designed in 1902.

fun fact: The fifth jean pocket was not so small in the past, but originally a whole inch (i.e. 2.54 centimeters) wider than today. Only over time, as pocket watches became less and less common, did they shrink to their present size – and up to now they have often only been preserved as a “decoration element” on classic jeans.

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