Wild West-style pieces are the coolest accessory trend for spring

Yeeeew-haaaaw, a new fashion trend for 2022 is here! Accessories are now outgoing, bold and full of character. The best proof are the latest it-pieces, with which our looks are now becoming real statements. Welcome to the Wild West!

Wild and limitless – that’s exactly what defines the fashion trend. We have long since stopped letting ourselves be told by outdated fashion regulations, because we go our own way. Where does it lead us? Past fascinating prints, to cool hats, to rough, cool boots.

These Wild West accessories should not be missing in spring

As true Wild West fashion professionals, you can’t avoid eye-catching accessories this year:

  1. Bolo Ties
  2. bandanas
  3. hats
  4. Belt
  5. Western boots
  6. animal prints

You want to know what exactly is behind it and where you can shop for the cool trend? We know the answer and we can’t wait to share our favorite must-haves with you!

Wild West accessory trend: Bolo Ties

Simply put, a bolo tie is a cowboy tie and is therefore probably the fashionable equivalent of the usual tie, which should rather not even leave the office. What we particularly like about her are the small details. Bolo ties are usually accentuated with gold or silver, which decorates the leather strap in a playful way. Combine them with loose (denim) shirts or worn casually over a T-shirt.

Wild West Accessories: Bolo Tie by Nudie Jeans


Bolo tie with silver detail

Wild West Accessories: Bolo Tie by Prada


Bolo tie with silver details

Wild West accessory trend: bandanas

Wild West Accessories: Scarf by Saint Laurent


Saint Laurent silk twill bandana

The good old bandanas can of course not only be found in the Wild West, but have long been an essential part of textile history. Although the scarves are available in countless designs, we still like them best in a classic way, namely with a paisley pattern, which we either wear twisted or looped loosely around our necks in spring.

Wild West accessory trend: hats

Wild West Accessories: Hat by Stradivarius


Hat with a turned up brim

What should not be missing from the Wild West accessories: hats! These are characterized by a visible brim, usually have a fabric or leather strap and are made of felt or leather. Wear them either with an all-over denim look or as a particularly pretty break in style with an airy, playful summer dress.

Wild West accessory trend: belts

Wild West accessories: belts by Asos


Western buckle belt from Glamorous

Wild West Accessories: Belts by Etro


Belt with turquoise stones

Belts with engraved buckles and colorful stones can also create the trendy Wild West look. The particularly wide variants can even be worn on the waist and thus ensure a great silhouette.

Wild West accessory trend: cowboy boots

Wild West Accessories: Cowboy Boots by Asos


Turquoise western boots from Topshop

Wild West accessories: cowboy boots by Stradivarius


Cowboy boots with contrast stitching

Cowboy or western boots have been with us for quite a while and rightly so. As part of the 2022 fashion trends, they are considered absolute eye-catchers, which we currently particularly like to wear in colour. Cowboy boots cut a really great figure with trousers, dresses or skirts!

Wild West accessory trend: animal prints

Wild West Accessories: Bag from Urban Outfitters


Snake print handbag

Wild West accessories: clogs by Miista


“Kristi” clogs with cow print

The animal print is also an integral part of this year’s accessory trends. Of course, the focus is on snake patterns and cow prints, typical of the wild west. By the way: With fake variants, we are not only doing something good for ourselves, but also for the animals. We love!

Styling inspo: This is how Instagram wears the popular Wild West trend

Can’t wait to wear the new 2022 fashion trend? But you still have no idea how the whole thing can be combined in a really cool way? We looked around on Instagram and found a lot of inspiration there … but, see for yourself:


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