Workleisure: This trend is the best thing that can happen to our office wear – and here’s how you can mix and match it

Now that we’ve all gotten used to the comfort of working from home, the transition to a post-pandemic day-to-day workday isn’t easy for everyone: everyone. Because both we and our choice of clothes have adjusted to the new normal in recent years. Now that many employers are creating new structures with hybrid models, a new dress code is also being established that is based precisely on this two-world structure: Work leisure. We’ll tell you here exactly what the trend is all about, why this style is incredibly smart and how you can combine it!

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What exactly is work leisure?

The derivation is obvious and is based on the word athleisure, which we are already familiar with – a mixture of sportswear with loungewear pieces. Only here the arc is stretched further and an intersection between elegant office looks and comfortable clothing is sought, which we have come to appreciate especially in the home office. What emerges are combinations that are both professional and comfortable and promise more autonomy in choosing an outfit. Because the Workleisure trend relies on fabrics with a high stretch content, loose cuts, rib and fine knit structures and flowing materials – and everything that pinches is a no-go! If we take a closer look at the individual styles, we can see parallels to other styles that have already made satin pieces such as pajamas, pleated co-ords or lingerie and sports fashion an integral part of everyday wardrobe.

Style work-leisure: this is how you find the right pieces

So it’s hardly surprising that people interested in fashion no longer just look around in the suit and business department when it’s time to go back to the office. Popular places for this are the sports department, the eponymous loungewear or pajamas. The often light and shimmering materials come into their own particularly well as individual pieces in combination with a chic shoe such as a loafer or kitten heels. As a rule of thumb, it can be stated in any case: Comfort is key! Since many of the pieces fall into the “timeless classics” category simply because of their cuts and materials, there is automatically a color palette with muted colors and basics. Another practical aspect, because that makes the work-leisure trend universally applicable and wearable on many other occasions – incredibly multifunctional.

Styling tip: When choosing shoes and jackets, it is important to opt for elegant models that complete the relaxed and casual character of the rest of the look.

These are the most beautiful work-leisure looks for the office and for working remotely

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