Metallic pants: This is how the silver trend pants will be styled in 2023

Silver pants are THE trend for 2023. At least if you ask the fashion professionals, because they already wore the trend pants up and down to the Fashion Weeks last month. But in general, metallic pieces are also playing an increasingly important role in looks on Instagram, the runway, TikTok and Co. But don’t worry, the whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with trashy 80s fits (we’re just saying aerobics), but looks extremely futuristic and even glamorous. We tell you everything about the fashion trend around the Metallic pants and how he’ll be styled off the runway in 2023.


The metallic trousers in silver are the it-piece for 2023

Metallic trousers in silver are particularly popular. We could see that especially with the street styles for the autumn/winter shows 2023. Because the fashion professionals have presented us with a number of different looks with the trend pants. No wonder, because the shimmering tone has the ability to adapt to a wide variety of styles and ranges from elegant to casual. But always with a futuristic touch reminiscent of space age and science fiction. Only now, as a fashion trend, made wearable for everyday use. Because it doesn’t matter whether they’re wide-leg pants, cargo pants, skinny jeans or with texture, the silver-colored pants always look great. And the same applies here as with any other trend trousers: The cut that you prefer to wear with your jeans or fabric trousers is also the perfect fit for your figure with the metallic trousers.

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This is the best way to combine the silver trend trousers

But now we come to the most important question: How are the metallic trousers combined in silver? Don’t worry, what may feel like a big styling challenge at first can be implemented super easily with a few simple principles.

  • breaks in style: Especially if you opt for an elegant and flowing material or a rougher look like leather, it makes sense to choose the rest in an opposite style.
  • Material mix: In keeping with the theme of breaks in style, you can also experiment with materials. Structured fabrics can be wonderfully combined with shiny or shiny textures.
  • Less is more: Since the metallic trousers are the center piece of your outfit, it makes sense to hold back with the rest of the combination. At least in everyday life, because at events you can go one better and make your pants shine.
  • Focus on the shoes: Especially with the shoes you can control the look of your outfit. Sneakers give the metallic pants a casual look, and high heels make the silver-colored pants suitable for events.

Fashion trend metallic pants: These are the most beautiful combinations of the fashion professionals

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