Popcorn Shirt: Zara is bringing back THIS iconic ’90s trend that will elevate any look

Loved, hated or eyed critically: The trends of the 90s and Y2K fashion trigger a wide variety of feelings, but in any case they provide a good topic of conversation. The latest comeback, which will certainly cause one or the other controversy, are the popcorn shirts, also under the name Magic Bubble Shirts are known. The garments (yes, they come in all kinds of designs) are characterized by having a puffed structure that creates a 3D effect. We’ll tell you everything about the iconic 90s trend for the summer, which you can already do with zara can shop.

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That’s why the 90s fashion trend is so awesome

Well, who still remembers the tops that were pressed into a tiny shape when you bought them or looked almost the size of a doll? We are sure that most 90s kids had one or the other piece with a tie-dye look, with a floral print or in a monochrome version in their wardrobe. The ingenious thing about it, apart from the texture, was that the shirts were mostly one size fits all and thus adapted to really every body shape and size. Pretty cool if we think about size inclusivity in particular. As far as the design is concerned, the Popcorn Shirts 2.0 are less trashy and more contemporary.

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Popcorn shirt from Zara and Co.: This is how the trend is combined

So it’s hardly surprising that stars like Dua Lipa have already discovered the trendy pieces for themselves, and videos and style reviews of the trend are also circulating on TikTok. Even brands like Zara, Sportmax, H&M and Co. have already jumped on the bandwagon, which originated primarily on Etsy and was already teased by the French designer Marine Serre in her spring/summer 2022 collection. Overall, however, all interpretations have something in common: they rely on strong contrasts, smart cuts and bright colors. The popcorn shirts ensure a good mood and interesting details that are less reminiscent of 90s fashion fails and are absolutely wearable. And if you fancy a really iconic piece, you should definitely check out your trusted second-hand store.

Here you can shop the trend at Zara:

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Purple popcorn shirt from Zara

T-shirt with a round neck and short sleeves. Fabric in crinkled look with relief.


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