Alexa Chung is betting on blazers in this style in 2023

Alexa Chung is an integral part of our fashion radar, because no matter what she wears, it always looks good, and thanks to her, some pieces have already come into focus that we might never have worn like this. Rubber boots (Hunter brand), quilted jackets or one of her favorite pieces, the Barbour wax jackets. Another style joins the list of beloved fashion must-haves, which at first glance looks old-fashioned, but thanks to the styling of Alexa Chung suddenly takes on highly fashionable features – and here you can find out what it is all about.

Alexa Chung leads the way and uses this style for blazers

Alexa Chung takes us on a fashion journey through time. Because her blazer is extremely reminiscent of the 70s, especially because of its fabric. Dark brown corduroy with a double button placket – hardly any material can be assigned to a decade as much as the velvety fabric with a ribbed structure. The ideal addition to Alexa Chung’s wardrobe, which is peppered with retro-inspired pieces. And since we’ve already completely fallen for the styles from the 80s, 90s and the Y2K era, it was foreseeable that the 70s would also experience a fashion boom.

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That’s how easy Alexa Chung combines her corduroy blazer

The corduroy blazer doesn’t look old-fashioned in combination with classic pieces. Because that’s how it remains the hero piece of every look. Alexa Chung knows that too and combines her model with blue jeans and a gray fine-knit sweater. Pure minimalism, and yet the blazer takes your otherwise very reserved outfit to another level. From this we learn: Investing in statement corduroy pieces is the best way to incorporate the 70s trend into our wardrobe. Because mixed with basics, they always work and provide eye-catchers without much effort when styling. Pretty ingenious and wearable – and once again we are pleasantly surprised by Alexa Chung’s sense of style.

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