Katie Holmes wears a classic shirt with a twist

New year, new Katie holmes – one might think, but the actress remains true to her classic and timeless wardrobe. Actually, because even our favorite style icon has taken a liking to small details that provide that certain something even with a reserved look. What classic Katie Holmes reinterpreted, discovered for herself and how she combines it in everyday life, you can read here.

Katie Holmes already knows: we’ll be wearing striped shirts with this twist in 2023

There is no question that the striped shirt is one of the must-haves after the white and black basics that a well-stocked wardrobe should not be without. Katie Holmes also knows this and combines the classic par excellence. But whoops, something is different here than usual. Because instead of the usual horizontal stripes that we know from the classic marinière, theirs run from top to bottom. Pretty unusual, but kind of awesome. Because of this and especially in combination with a good cut, the top skilfully puts your body in focus and conjures up a beautiful waist. Pretty clever, this optical illusion that can only be created by changing the direction of the stripes.

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This is how Katie Holmes combines her newly interpreted classic shirt

Katie Holmes combines the striped vintage shirt from Chanel with high-waisted trousers made from flowing material from the New York-based brand Kallmeyer. She wears a black leather coat from the sustainable brand Tove and completes the classic outfit with silver-colored pointy heels from Marni and matching earrings from Agmes. We love the modern twist created by the accessories and especially the new direction of the stripes, which also reminds us a little bit of retro baseball shirts. And maybe this sporty touch is what makes Katie Holmes’ look so fresh and exciting. We are definitely already in love with the vertical stripes and already see this take on the classic as THE new thing for 2023.


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