Bras in summer: This styling trick is simple and ingenious

When the temperatures are rising and the sun is beating down, wearing a bra can sometimes be quite uncomfortable in the summer. But it doesn’t have to. We’ll tell you a styling trick that you can use to avoid both pressure points and sweat. And all you need is a simple shirt or top.

Styling trick: This is how we wear bras in summer

That’s the thing with the bra. Some feel a lot freer without it, others love the piece underneath because it gives them the necessary support. Especially for the latter, this ingenious styling trick should be particularly interesting for the summer. We discovered it on TikTok with fashion influencer Karla Cristina, who shows in a tutorial what exactly it is all about, and we took notes.

The super effective bra styling trick is as simple as this:

1. The first step is to grab a simple shirt or a classic top from your closet – but it should be cut a little longer.

2. Then you put it on inside out and upside down. Sounds weird, but there’s a good reason.

3. Only now is it your turn to put the bra on over the top and fasten it.

4. Then pull up the sleeves on both sides and slip them on as usual.

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Bras in summer: This is the secret behind the styling trick

With this simple styling trick you not only have a cool cropped design, but also a comfortable wearing of the bra. Because of the additional layer of fabric, it is not directly on the skin and can therefore neither leave annoying pressure points nor do you sweat too much under the temples. So perfect for summer. Best of all, even though the support is there, this method makes it feel like you’re not wearing a bra at all.

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