Tube tops are THE summer must-have that fashion pros are crazy about right now

The 2000s called and they really don’t want their looks back. Because the styles are simply too good not to be worn in a permanent loop. One of the trend pieces we’re seeing a lot of this summer is this tube top. The one-piece top is available in all imaginable versions, including skin-tight bodycon dresses in different lengths. Like many things, this garment is an old acquaintance that belongs to the so-called “McBling aesthetic”. So that you can keep track of all the retro revivals and Y2K trends, we have broken them down for you using the tube top trend – a center piece of the fashion epoch.

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Y2K vs. “McBling”: This is what differentiates the styles from each other

Something between “cringe” and “chic” – there is no better way to describe the mixed feelings we have towards Y2K fashion. But as trend after trend from the 90’s and 2000’s hit us, there really is no escaping them. Keeping track of things is not easy. Especially not when the aesthetics of the two decades seem to flow into each other almost seamlessly. With the tube top trend focusing on the ’00s, here’s a breakdown of exactly what the term “McBling” means and how exactly the summer must-have is styled according to his definition.

If the hip aesthetic were a movie, it would most likely be “Mean Girls”. Because the high school life portrayed there around the “Material Girl” lifestyle represents everything that makes up the style. It is specifically about everything that glitters, shines, shimmers and screams excess and luxury. Popular elements for this include rhinestones, (crushed) velor and EVERY piece from Juicy Couture as well as tube tops, bralettes, mini bags (Von Dutsch is preferred) and tinted, rimless sunglasses. Logos, short denim skirts and celebrity merch are also in demand and hip when it comes to styling.

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Tube tops à la “McBling” 2.0: Feeling good is the top priority

The great thing about the current “McBling” revival is that the trend and its comrades-in-arms see body positivity as the top priority. The often very figure-hugging and ultra-tight pieces are intended to put our bodies in the best possible light and, true to the motto of glamor, to make the wearer shine (regardless of outdated body ideals). Therefore, the most important styling rule for the “one-piece-wonder” is: feel good! What follows are simple combination options that rely on low-rise cuts, baggy pants, matching skirts or trendy materials such as denim and velvet.

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