Circular Monday: Everything about the alternative to Black Friday

For weeks there has only been one topic: Black Friday! Because the shopping event of the year, which traditionally falls on the fourth Thursday in November, is awaited with anticipation by many, year after year. The reason: unbeatable offers and deals that stimulate shopping fever and advertise with a multitude of discount campaigns. Pretty cool actually, isn’t it? But as with everything, there are two sides to this. Because Black Friday is not necessarily in line with the conscious consumption recommended by the sustainability movement. What alternative models are available that day and all around and what exactly is White Monday or the Circular Monday has to do with it, we have summarized it for you below.

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What exactly is Circular Monday?

Formerly known as White Monday, Circular Monday (November 21, 2022), renamed in 2020, is primarily about questioning your own consumption: What do I own? What do I need? And what is my intention to buy? Because amid the tempting Black Friday offers, it’s hard to keep your cool and not get carried away by the discounts. Started in Sweden in 2017 (by the circular cloth repair startup Repamera AB), White Monday primarily questions overconsumption and the associated burden on our environment, because online orders in particular, which are then returned, are not necessarily climate-friendly and sustainable . Hence the rebranding, because the primary goal of Circular Monday is to establish a circular economy in which our products can be used for as long as possible – and if not, given a new life in other ways.

It is important to note that Circular Monday is by no means aimed at judging everyone who attends Black Friday. Rather, he would like to stimulate thought and show alternatives as to what consumption can look like today. Because of course the discounted offers are particularly attractive for larger purchases or investment pieces – as well as for everyone who has the opportunity to go shopping without having to forego vital basics elsewhere due to financial hardship.

How exactly does Circular Monday work?

On Circular Monday, companies and brands have the opportunity to become part of the circular economy and to register their businesses in the database initiative. Since it was founded, it has included 800 brands from 30 continents, all working towards the same goal and spreading the common (circular) basic values ​​of “Reuse, Repair & Rent” (recycle, repair and lend). Something that can be practiced by everyone, even on a small scale. On the Monday before Black Friday and beyond. Because in the end, these principles help to become aware of how you actually buy and how you deal with your clothes (or other products). To do this, some labels use mechanisms similar to those of Black Friday and also advertise with charity campaigns and further educational measures that go beyond the actual buying process. But before we take a look at the Black Friday counter offers, here are a few useful tips on how you can easily rethink and shop more consciously.

Here are 6 things you can do on Circular Monday (and beyond):

  1. Question your own purchasing behavior: Do I really need the product? How do I shop? What can I change?
  2. create awareness: Talk to friends about the topic and ask how they deal with the oversupply and where you could save any costs.
  3. Keep a Cool Head: Don’t let the flood of offers and discounts drive you crazy and think carefully about what you want to buy and with what intention. Impulse purchases, even if they’re snappers, aren’t always a sign that you really want or need the product.
  4. trap: Instead of buying things new, give old pieces a new chance or go shopping with sustainable labels or second-hand shops.
  5. Repair: Invest in your clothes and take them to an expert if they are damaged.
  6. Rent: Find out about alternative consumption models such as renting clothes.

Circular Monday: These circular alternatives and promotions are offered by the brands and (sometimes all year round)

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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