Vanessa Hudgens styles overknees with a dress with a slit

As soon as it gets cold, mini dresses and short skirts are only for those who are not frostbitten. The alternatives are mostly tights or leggings, but not everyone is a fan of them. But don’t worry, we’ve looked around for you and at Vanessa Hudgens found the ideal solution for your party looks that doesn’t rely on tights or freezing legs. Because thanks to a particularly practical boot style, every look becomes an eye-catcher, and here we reveal how!

Vanessa Hudgens knows exactly: Overknees are THE game changer for your party look

Overknees are trendy – that much is for sure! Vanessa Hudgens knows that too and styles the extra-long boots for her party look in Paris. Because the winter is already making itself felt there with its low temperatures. And since we are not willing, especially after the cozy outfits of the last (pandemic) winter, to do without comfort for the look like we were when we were young, the boots are more than convenient for us. Because that’s how you can still wear short dresses without tights, only without freezing. What makes the boots style an absolute game changer. And depending on which model you choose, also an eye-catcher.

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This is how Vanessa Hudgens styles overknees with a party dress

For her trip to the city of love, which she captured in a Gen-Z-esque “photo dump” on Instagram, Vanessa Hudgens styles her black thigh-highs with a slit dress. The satin dress with a V-neckline that reaches almost to the navel elegantly presents a part of her thigh, to the middle of which the boots reach. In addition, she combines an ankle-length brown coat, which also ensures that freezing is not an option with this party look. And we’re keeping actress Vanessa Hudgens’ fashion advice in mind for our own looks, because while it may seem simple, it’s actually extremely genius.

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