Combine a leather dress: This is how the 2022 trend will be worn

leather and material alternatives are one of THE big fashion trends for 2022 and beyond. Of course we took a closer look at the topic. Because there are many prejudices and styling questions about the look. Because what seems perfect for the party or event for some seems difficult for others to wear in everyday life (apart from the casual leather jacket). We dispel the myth that leather dress always has to be sensual, and here we show you a few nice ideas on how to do that leather dress combine in everyday life.

This is how the leather dress is styled for everyday use

Real leather, artificial leather, vegan alternatives, velor or vinyl? The range of materials seems endless, which is a good prerequisite for finding the right piece for your own style. As far as the cuts are concerned, there are also a wide variety of versions, ranging from summery models without straps to oversized shirt blouses or maxi dresses. How are you supposed to decide? It’s best to try it out and transfer it, because the dress style that suits you otherwise certainly works well with the material. We think this tendency of the trend is mega, because the contemporary updates that the leather dress has undergone push it out of its clichéd corner and make it one of the hottest pieces of the season. Cool, edgy and absolutely wearable.

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Style breaks with the leather dress: That’s how it works

Because the leather dress is ideal for cool breaks in style. These can be created in combination with soft materials such as knitwear, rib-knit or cotton. It doesn’t matter whether you layer a turtleneck or t-shirt underneath or pull over a knit sweater or cardigan. But the leather dress also looks fantastic in the full look. Here you can either try color contrasts or go for a monochrome outfit. This looks extremely glamorous, especially with slightly shiny leather.

Shopping tip: Leather clothes are not cheap to buy. Above all, however, dresses made of real leather or sustainable (non-plastic-based) alternatives that have been produced using environmentally friendly measures are suitable as long-term investments. So when buying, go for a classic cut or a model that fits your style one hundred percent and that you won’t get enough of.

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