Combine a turtleneck sweater: This is how it works

It’s the ultimate basic: everyone knows it, and most of us own at least one piece with the high collar. The turtleneck sweater is a real all-rounder and a must-have piece that is the perfect styling partner on more than one occasion in a wide variety of variations. We have put together the ideal style guide for the wheelchair for you, with tips for buying and ideas for easy to imitate Turtleneck sweater combinations.

That’s why the turtleneck sweater is probably the most popular piece of clothing in (almost) every season

Hardly any top is as versatile as the turtleneck sweater. Above all, light models without many details are absolute must-haves for every capsule wardrobe. But the pullover, also known as a turtleneck, is also very popular outside of minimalist wardrobe concepts. Like the white T-shirt, it is the ideal basis for many looks and works excellently both in combination and alone. As far as the styling is concerned, the all-rounder can be worn for chic events as well as in everyday life. All you have to pay attention to is the material, the cut and of course the color. Because these details roughly determine the direction that the turtleneck sweater sets in the combination. For example, transparent models made of mesh or silk look more elegant and versions made of knitted fabric with a more casual look. However, both are great for creating breaks in style and taking your favorite pieces with you from the warmer to the cooler season.

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Turtleneck sweater: you should keep this in mind when styling

The most important feature of the turtleneck sweater is of course the high collar. This does not necessarily have to be close to the skin, but can be cut from tight to loose depending on the material or fit. Especially with heavier fabrics, it is usually worked tighter and more stable than versions made of light textiles such as cotton or cashmere. There are also differences in the length: The turtleneck can be worked from a short stand-up collar to a double layer. Depending on what you focus on when styling, both variants offer their advantages. Chains can be layered over tight-fitting turtlenecks, for example, while another model looks cool when turned inside out. In any case, the popular pullover model offers something for everyone and above all fulfills one purpose: to keep you warm in style without pulling your neck.

Styling tip: Models with a wide neckline are ideal for anyone who can’t get used to the tight collar. So you don’t feel restricted and still benefit from the advantages of the turtleneck sweater.

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