Bella Hadid wears the perfect denim combo for fall

Bella Hadid is known for her outfits that are casual and easy to copy. This is exactly what makes them a perfect style role model with a myriad of inspirations for those moments when we don’t know what to wear. Autumn, in particular, with its treacherous weather, which can range from warm sunshine to wet rainy days, does not make it easy. So it’s all the better that Bella Hadid presents us with the perfect no-brainer look that combines two absolute classics: jeans and a leather jacket.

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Bella Hadid shows how it’s done: This is the perfect pair of jeans for fall

Do you have a date, a long day in the office or do you want to stretch your legs on a walk? Then this look by model Bella Hadid is just the thing! Because with just a few pieces you are perfectly equipped for every autumn weather situation and also look good. The secret of Bella Hadid’s combination is to rely on classic all-rounders that are timeless and in which you feel comfortable. Bella Hadid wears her relaxed wide-leg jeans with a rolled-up hem with a distressed vintage leather jacket. She also styles two belts as accessories, brogues and a cozy knit sweater with an asymmetrical turtleneck. Simple but effective, because it looks incredibly casual in the station wagon.

Bella Hadid’s look is so easy to recreate and you should pay attention to that

As I said, it doesn’t take much to recreate your jeans combination. Find your favorite jeans and a leather jacket and et voil√†. For the fashion factor, however, there are a few small things to consider, because the look of the outfit can be changed with both the model of the jeans and the fit of the leather jacket. For example, an oversized jacket looks cool with skinny jeans and provides a nice contrast. If you prefer baggy jeans and Y2K fashion, then a cropped leather jacket is also a good choice. This also ensures a waisted fit, for example, if you would like to wear a wide top underneath, for example. You can also experiment a lot with the choice of shoes and make the look more chic or casual. Which is just another argument that Bella Hadid is a true fashion pro when it comes to creating perfect combinations that are versatile and fashionable.

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