Combine corduroy: This is how the trend fabric is styled from corduroy trousers to a complete outfit

Don’t be stale! Cord has grappled long enough with its outdated image that it’s only for children, aristocrats, pensioners or history teachers. Of course, the fabric had its last big hype around the 70s and 80s, but thanks to the return of retro fashion, it is on the rise Cord getting further and further on the fashion radar. Of course, we also owe this revival to fashion designers such as Gucci, Prada, The Row, Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham and Tory Burch, who have given it a well-deserved comeback. With new cuts, colors and contemporary interpretations, the designers have given the ribbed, velvety fabric new trend potential. And we are also very taken with the new old acquaintance. So we have a little styling help for you in things Combine cord prepared, with which nothing can go wrong when choosing an outfit – read for yourself!

Cord comeback: This is how the trend fabric is worn

Corduroy loves contrasts: be it sporty sweaters, bomber jackets and sneakers, elegant high heels and slim-fit turtleneck sweaters or cool oversized shirts and coarse knit sweaters. They all give the material, which has more traditional connotations, more modernity and freshness. If you don’t dare to wear a corduroy suit right away, it’s best to start with wide trousers, a mini skirt or a jacket. A cord accessory such as a bucket hat can also be an entry point. The only thing to keep in mind when styling is that the fabric (especially wide corduroy) is bulky. Therefore, the respective piece of clothing should never be too tight on the body, but rather be cut a little looser. This keeps the look casual and you don’t run the risk of slipping into the old-fashioned image that many still associate with corduroy.

Combine corduroy: It’s guaranteed to work with these 7 styling tricks

  1. Comfortable, chic and casual at the same time: Corduroy trousers look great, especially when the fit is a little looser.
  2. Corduroy looks with retro vibes always look good – so it makes sense to also look around for special second-hand pieces.
  3. Especially when it comes to layering, pieces made of cord set beautiful accents and can be used specifically for breaks in style.
  4. Corduroy and plaid are an unbeatable combination.
  5. Corduroy blazers are real secret weapons when it comes to styling: ribbed jackets can give elegant looks a casual vibe, but blazers in dark colors (in combination with heels) can also look extremely elegant the other way around.
  6. If you want to slowly get to grips with the trend: Corduroy accessories are perfect for getting started, but corduroy trousers also work great as a basis for T-shirts, sweaters and the like.
  7. Statement pieces made of corduroy become absolute eye-catchers with sneakers and thus lose their dusty look.

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