High heels 2023: These 3 models are in and we no longer wear these 3

after the high heels won our hearts in 2022, they will continue to accompany us in 2023 as an important fashion piece. Because let’s be honest, with a high heel every look looks much more elegant in no time. So with a simple change of shoes, maximum effect can be created, and we can transform our everyday or office outfit into a combination that can be seen at every (dinner) party.

Platform sandals in different models

Platform high heels: J.Lo would buy these models with mega platforms IMMEDIATELY

Above all, plateaus are still a big topic, and we will continue to wear the chunky heels, which always conjure up meter-long legs, up and down in 2023. We will certainly be able to admire the fashion professionals, who now swear by the mega heels, in one or the other Fashion Week look. You can find out below which three high-heel styles will still dominate this year, where you can shop for the most beautiful models and what we don’t focus on as much.

In vs Out: Cinderella Heels by Alohas


Beaded party heels from Alohas

In vs. out: These 3 high heels will be in in 2023 – and we wear these 3 styles less

In: Cinderella Heels; Out: classic pumps

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