Combine Ugg Boots: This is how you style the cult boots now

It is ugg boot season, and TikTok freaks out! Because since autumn has begun to announce itself, the cult lined boot has been dubbed THE model par excellence. From outfit posts to imaginary wish lists and shopping recommendations: The ugg boots are on everyone’s lips. And not without reason, of course, because the fashion community (also on Instagram) has two newcomer models in particular. The must-have Ugg boots for fashion professionals in 2022 are the “Classic Ultra Mini” with a platform and the “Tasman” slip-on model, which can be worn as slippers or outside. Stars like Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Kaia Gerber and Co. are also champions in the Ugg boots combo. And after Bella Hadid showed up in the viral platform model, it’s clear: this year we can’t get past the comfortable shoes either.

Ugg boots revival: That’s why the cult boots are back as a shoe trend

Of course, the fact that the shoe is so popular again has nothing to do with social media or its famous wearers. The comeback of the noughties also plays a major role, because at that time the Ugg boot trend was at its peak. From surfers to fashion professionals, the styles were worn in a wide variety of contexts. But where there is hype, there are also dissenting voices. Because although the cult shoe is incredibly comfortable, opinions are divided: some love them to death, and others cannot understand why Ugg boots are so popular and in demand. But that’s just the way it is with fashion. So, to be well dressed, we have a crash course in how to combine Ugg boots, including the best looks from the fashion pros.

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Combine Ugg Boots: You should pay attention to that

The biggest criticism of Ugg opponents is the chunky exterior. Fortunately, this chunky silhouette is now in vogue. If the shoe is still too big for you, you should stick to wide or flared bottoms when combining them. The contrast to the ankle is not too strong and the silhouette looks harmonious. Therefore, many people avoid the combination with skinny jeans, and prefer oversize looks. To keep the right balance between comfort and chic, we recommend combining it with elegant pieces such as a blazer or suit trousers. But clothes can also be dressed down extremely well with the comfortable shoes from the Californian brand. Another styling hack we’ve seen is wearing tennis socks. They fulfill an additional warming function, especially in combination with the slippers or very short-cut models.

Combine Ugg boots: This is how the fashion professionals style the trend shoe

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