Dakota Johnson shows: We will wear skinny jeans in this style in autumn 2022

Jeans are the stuff fashion dreams are made of. You can hardly say it much differently, because there is no other material and no piece of clothing that we wear as often as trousers made of this durable material. Especially in the form of skinny jeans Because this pants model inspires young and old alike and is simply the perfect all-rounder. And although, according to Leni Klum, all signs were pointing to wide-leg pants for autumn 2022, we prove it dakota johnson, that the times of skinny jeans are not counted yet. Because it presents itself with a new detail that is THE update what it was missing. But thanks Dakota Johnson and we are sure of her phenomenal taste: cropped skinny jeans are the must-have for autumn 2022.

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Dakota Johnson presents the skinny jeans trend for Fall 2022

Actress Dakota Johnson was spotted in New York on the set of the Marvel film “Madame Web” and not only catches our eye because of her performance. We only have eyes for one very specific part of her outfit: the skinny jeans. But wait a minute, the model isn’t a classic pant at all, but stands out with a very special detail: the unusual leg length, including the frayed hem. So simple, so ingenious, because the denim style, which has almost been written off, gets a pretty casual twist with the slightly shortened trouser hem, which ends well above the ankle. And the good thing: You don’t even have to buy a new model for this pants trend. Instead, it’s time to get out the scissors and conjure up a trend piece √† la Dakota Johnson from the skinny jeans in the closet in good old DIY fashion. Which, mind you, is a sustainable alternative to buying new.

This is how Dakota Johnso combines the must-have skinny jeans

Dakota Johnson and her trendy pair of skinny jeans are the perfect example of how blurred the lines between reality and fiction are. Because even though she’s been spotted on a movie set, we can guarantee you that her hip pants are a thing off of that as well. Just the must-have, which you will see quite often this season. What speaks for it is the styling. And here, too, we use Dakota Johnson as a role model. She combines the pants with a black basic shirt, a red blazer and Dr. martens The perfect look for everyday life and proof of how ideally cropped trousers go with boots. Because of the cut-off hem, it falls casually over the boot leg, creating a cool silhouette. So what are you waiting for? We and Dakota agree: You should definitely not miss this comeback of skinny jeans.

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