Fees for private sellers: This applies from March 1, 2023

Deal with platforms like eBay Earning something extra is now not uncommon. Because in addition to lucrative deals, the sustainability aspect and the “thrill of second-hand bargain hunting”, you can find a new home for things that you no longer use yourself. The only thing that has taken away from the joy of hiring so far is what comes with it Selling fees for private sellers. This should change from March 1, 2023, and we have collected all the relevant information for you below.

Ebay removes fees for private sellers

This news is an additional motivation for everyone, because with the elimination of the sales commission and listing fees on Ebay, another hurdle is removed that makes second-hand shopping easier. Whether it’s furniture, technology, fashion or accessories, we all have one or two pieces that are closet keepers and have been taking up storage space for ages. In order to support private users and motivate them to resell, the commission, which is around 11 percent, is tipped. Good news for the second-hand movement, as it breaks down one of the biggest barriers that keeps people rethinking how to get rid of their old stuff.

If these 5 points apply to you, you can now sell for free on Ebay:

  1. Maximum 24 images per article
  2. Create no more than 320 offers per month
  3. Do not select any additional options
  4. Be a private seller residing in Germany
  5. No commercial use

You can find out more about re-sales here:


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