Fashion hacks: 12 tips to get your fashion problems under control immediately

Fashion Hack 1: No more slipping out of your shoes

Anyone who often wears pantyhose and heels knows the problem: your heels keep slipping out of your shoes – especially if they are a little too big. Tights with non-slip soles, which the royals also swear by, can help here. Another trick is to spray the inner sole with hairspray beforehand – this ensures that the tights have more grip.

Fashion Hack 2: Stop Ladders

Hairspray is also used in this fashion hack: Spray tights with hairspray before you put them on – this prevents runs. If the ladder is already there, brush the edges with transparent nail polish so that they don’t tear open any further.

Fashion Hack 3: Fix Zipper

Stuck zippers will come undone if you paint them with a pencil. The graphite in the pen acts like a kind of lubricating oil and makes the zipper smoother overall.

Fashion hack 4: smooth the blouse – without ironing

Don’t have the time or inclination to iron your crumpled blouse? Hang it in the bathroom while you shower. Most of the wrinkles disappear by themselves thanks to the hot steam. Additional tip: Carefully “iron” the shirt collar with the smoothing iron instead of the iron.

Fashion Hack 5: Identify real pearls from fake ones

If you want to be sure that your pearl jewelery is really genuine, you should bring it out into the open: real pearls that are exposed to direct sunlight show iridescence and color differences, while fake pearls show no differences at all.

Fashion hack 6: Prevent light skirts and dresses from flying up

To prevent light skirts from flying up in windy weather, it helps to wear underwear and bodysuits made of synthetic fibers, which are particularly susceptible to static electricity. Due to the electrical charge, the skirt sticks to the body rather than being able to fly up. Tights also have this effect. If that doesn’t help, safety pins can be attached to the inside of the hem. Due to the low weight, light materials tend less to fly.

Fashion hack 7: Remove deodorant stains

Fresh deodorant stains can be removed in a flash with damp baby wipes or facial cleansing wipes. Alternatively, drying towels also work. Fashion tip for on the go: baby wipes are also a great tool for other small stains if you need a quick fix.

Fashion Hack 8: Prevent clothes from slipping off hangers

As simple as it is helpful: If you wrap a piece of rubber band around the corners of your clothes hanger, you prevent clothes or blouses from slipping down.

Fashion Hack 9: Get rid of lint

Is your favorite sweater affected by ugly pilling, also known as pilling? With a disposable razor you can remove the lint quickly and effectively. If you wear a lot of knitwear, you should definitely get a pilling comb or razor.

Fashion Hack 10: Thread lost cords with straws

The classic: pull the hood cord of your favorite hoodie too tight and the cord on one side is gone. A straw offers help with rethreading. To do this, pull the entire cord out of the hood, thread it through the straw and double it up at the end (for a better hold). Then push the straw through the hood. Complete. By the way, works best with solid straws made of metal or wood. Alternatively, larger safety pins are also a good option. Simply attach the end of the cord to it and gradually thread it through the drawstring.

Fashion Hack 11: Roll clothes instead of folding them

You want to save space in the closet (or suitcase) and avoid creases? Then you should better roll clothes made of cotton and silk instead of folding them. Works wonders and is also recommended by tidying expert Marie Kondo.

Fashion hack 12: Fasten loose buttons – for those in a hurry

No time to fix the loose button on your coat or blouse? Clear nail polish is the quick helper in an emergency.

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