New tax law: From now on you have to take this into account when selling on Vinted, Ebay, Vestiaire and Co

Many people are fans of pre-loved platforms such as Ebay, Vinted or Vestiaire Collective, where they can buy or sell unused or no longer worn pieces from a wide variety of areas. Quite apart from the fact that this is a great way to boost sustainable circular models, you can still earn a little money this way. Up until now it has been completely uncomplicated and tax-free. But that should now be with one new tax law change. We clarify what that is for sellers means.

What exactly does the new tax law say?

With the entry into force of the new Platform Tax Transparency Act (PStTG), private sales must now also be reported to the tax office. So far, the platforms have not been obliged to pass on information about the income of their users. That should change now. Platforms such as Ebay, Vinted, Etsy, Vestiaire Collective, but also marketplaces and room providers such as Airbnb have been obliged by the PStTG to report private services and sales to the Federal Central Tax Office since January 1, 2023.

What does this mean specifically for sellers?

as soon as you more than 30 items sold or (even with less than 30 parts) the specified amount of 2000 Euro takes, the receipts must be reported. The amount and number per platform apply. This means that if you are registered and selling with three different providers, you can apply the 30-item rule and the 2,000-euro limit to all three independently. In the next step, the sales platforms transmit data such as tax identification number, address and bank details to the authorities, who check the tax returns of those affected for the sales and report any additional tax payments.

Why was the new tax law introduced?

The draft law was passed by the Bundestag in November 2022. It is hoped that this will result in even and lawful taxation. Because up to now there has been little transparency, especially with digital platforms (based abroad) when it comes to income and taxation. Therefore, the new Platform Tax Transparency Act also applies across borders in all EU countries.

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