And anyway – who actually decides what a fashion faux pas is? As long as you feel really comfortable in it, you’ve done everything right!

Rely on key pieces

Key pieces are your personal evergreens. These can be basics that can be styled universally and make your morning search for the right outfit easier. Currently, the most popular basics include, for example, white tank tops, oversized blouses or a pair of simple ankle boots.

Do you also like it extravagant? Then invest in some statement and signature pieces that will complete your wardrobe. This works particularly well with jackets and coats as well as dresses or eye-catching accessories, for example.

Don’t obsess over trends

We love trends! They give our looks a breath of fresh air and always manage to lure us out of our own comfort zone, which often means that we may even discover a whole new side of ourselves.

But trends can also fall on our toes. For example, if they don’t last longer than a season or if we don’t even wear them. Doesn’t suit you or don’t you like it? These thoughtless purchases are neither sustainable for the environment nor for our wallets.

By the way, here you will find the most beautiful fashion trends for autumn/winter 2022/2023!

Sort out regularly

This can also help you to reflect on your own style. This way you know exactly what else is in your closet and you can be sure that you only have your favorite pieces. Focusing in this way is particularly important if you are generally indecisive and tend to make ill-considered purchases.

Has a little more accumulated right away? Then Vinted, Vestiaire Collective and Co. are a great way to put your clothes back in good hands!

Keep your joy and fun

It is important that you remain true to yourself. Otherwise it can quickly happen that your outfits do not look authentic. Otherwise, the motto is: Try it out, reinvent it and just have fun with it!

More helpful tips to find your style:

  • Don’t let your dress size dictate what you wear.
  • Think about what makes you who you are and how your clothes reflect that.
  • Mood boards can help you through the process.
  • Don’t be afraid to try colors!
  • Do not copy other styles, but interpret them for yourself.

Finding your own style: These influencers know how it’s done

Instagram is pretty much THE best source when it comes to outfit inspo, as influencers from all over the world post their latest it pieces and favorite looks here every day – their style has also evolved and changed over the years. And we can definitely learn something from these stylish fashion professionals:

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