Stefanie Giesinger wears an extremely cool jeans combination that we already love

There is no classic that is as popular as jeans. The ever-trendy material has been able to assert itself through the decades and fashion trends and enchants us again and again with its versatility and new interpretations. So it’s no wonder that we’re all blown away by Stefanie Giesinger’s jeans combination are which, despite the simple pieces, just look awesome. We tell you everything about her look and what exactly is special about it.

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That’s why we love Stefanie Giesinger’s denim combination so much

Yes, Stefanie Giesinger was also spotted by one or the other on social media or IRL at the Copenhagen Fashion Week and showed herself there in a pretty cool style. The model relies on a combination of three parts that have one thing in common: the material. Not only in many of the collections shown in Copenhagen, but also at Stefanie Giesinger everything revolves around denim at the moment – and we can actually only agree with this obsession. And there is nothing that speaks against it.

Stefanie Giesinger’s three-piece look consists of jeans, the matching denim waistcoat and a jacket made of the same fabric and takes us a little back to the 2000s – keyword Britney and Justin in an all-over look. She also styles platform sandals, a mini bag and retro sunglasses โ€“ you can’t get much more Y2K, right? In any case, her jeans combination, which is a collaboration between the cult brand Levi’s and the Danish fashion brand Ganni, just looks extremely casual and makes us want to wear more outfits in this direction. Because they are perfect for the coming late summer due to the layering of the two tops.


Here’s what you should know about Ganni x Levi’s collection, which Stefanie Giesinger is already wearing

Looks are one thing, but we are also interested in the inner values โ€‹โ€‹of our garments, something that also plays an important role in this collection. Because the eight-piece collection from Ganni x Levi’s relies on naturally dyed denim made from at least 55 percent organic cotton that has been processed using water-saving techniques. When it comes to inclusion, these styles are in no way inferior to the desire for diversity and are offered in a wide range of sizes. This is exactly what you could see on the show and on Instagram, because in addition to Stefanie Giesinger, other models from the Ganni community also wore the designs. Among them model and influencer Imani Randolph as well as model, photographer and creative Richie Shazham Khan. Another point that proves once again how diverse denim is and how it connects us all with its longevity and timeless design. And that’s exactly what makes fashion so special when it brings different people together and shows them similar styles – with these pieces, everyone can express their personality.


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