Gigi Hadid: Every look is a success with this styling trick

When it comes to celebrity styling secrets, we’re at the forefront of bringing you the best ideas you can easily replicate at home. In focus today: an incredibly beautiful blazer look by gigi hadid, which is the ideal example of how easily and without much effort a successful look can be achieved. We’ll tell you everything about the method, not just that gigi hadid, but also other stars like Heidi Klum and Kate Middleton, so that you too can benefit from this fashion knowledge for your next combination.

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Gigi Hadid uses this simple styling trick that costs nothing

We are talking about the infamous sandwich method. However, it has less to do with food than with fashion. To be more precise, with layering or, as it is usually called, combining. So let’s take a closer look at Gigi Hadid’s look together. For his red carpet appearance at the WWD Honors Awards in New York, the model dons a royal blue corduroy co-ord by Tommy Hilfiger with a brown leather bag by Aspinal of London. An ingenious combination with which you absolutely cannot go wrong. But that’s not all: a white shirt peeks out from under the blazer, the color of which matches her pointy, high heels. And that’s exactly the moment when the two-piece look resorts to the sandwich method. Because according to him, every piece or every style should be found several times in a successful look. Here: the bright contrast in the top and the shoes.

That’s why you should follow Gigi Hadid’s example and use the sandwich method

The sandwich method is a classic example of how good outfits don’t always have to be equally expensive or full of designer pieces. Because if you know how to combine the clothes from your own closet, you are one step ahead of everyone else. Especially when it comes to styling extravagant key pieces, the styling trick that Gigi Hadid and other fashion professionals swear by is an absolutely ingenious tool. With it you always manage to keep the right balance and hold every look together. The rule of thumb is: Every piece needs an anchor, and the outfit looks complete. Now that you’ve heard about it, you’ll probably notice it a lot more, because consciously or not – many fashion enthusiasts have been using this ingenious styling trick for a long time.

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