& Other Stories x Awake Mode: This designer collab is packed with fall must-haves

There is hardly a brand that is as popular with fashion professionals as &Other Stories. Because it offers an extremely well-curated selection of basics and it-pieces for fashion lovers for every budget. The brand has now come up with something very special for the autumn season: a limited collaboration with designer Natalia Alaverdian and her label, which is known for artistic avant-garde designs Awake fashion. Here you can find out exactly what you can expect from this collection and why we think that the two brands are a “Match made in Heaven”.

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& Other Stories x Awake Mode: This collection is full of must-have pieces with an unusual twist

There are pieces where you know at first glance: they are real keepers. Because you can see yourself in them immediately. We felt the same way when we got our first look at the & Other Stories x Awake Mode collection. Really every piece is both a work of art in itself and absolutely wearable and combinable. This is mainly because the designs, which are based on neutral cuts, capture the feeling of strength and lightness in a carefree way. An art that is characteristic of the designer Natalia Alaverdian, who manages to unite different design disciplines with her almost architectural-looking cut constructions and unexpected details (such as cut-outs, voluminous inserts or structured materials). And despite their truly exceptional ability to take simple cuts to another level, which only come to life through wear, the pieces from the “& Other Stories x Awake Mode” collection fit into every wardrobe. Because they are both playful and strong – something that, according to the designer, does not have to be mutually exclusive. Which is why the collection shows a symbiosis of the two poles and thus the individual facets of femininity – which is inclusive and can have the most diverse faces and shapes.


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