Gigi Hadid shows how we will (only) wear skirts in winter

denim skirts are an absolute trend of the year. Especially in midi and maxi length. But the cool skirts don’t just look great in summer, the classic also works perfectly in winter. Know that too Gigi Hadid and presents us with a trendy styling with the maxi skirt made of denim, which gets a special twist with this detail. Here we tell you everything about the casual combination of the fashion professional.

Gigi Hadid also swears by skirts with this twist in winter

Jeans, the stuff fashion dreams are made of. At least, that’s what you’d think, as popular as the 2022 material was. We don’t see an end to this for next year either – and why should that be? Because at the very latest, after we saw this ingenious maxi skirt look by Gigi Hadid, the style is right at the top of our radar! Because of the long cut, the skirt keeps your legs warm (provided you wear tights or leggings) – especially in combination with knee-high boots. And the slit, which often starts at the hem and can be at the back, front or side (in different lengths), gives you enough freedom of movement.

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This is how Gigi Hadid styles her maxi skirt for winter

Visiting her label’s Guest In Residence pop-up store, Gigi Hadid pairs a black maxi skirt with a center front slit that reaches to the knee. Underneath she wears brown cowboy boots, which underline the casual touch of the skirt. In addition, she styles a gray cardigan with yellow contrasting stripes with a gray sweater. And against the wintry temperatures of New York, she wears a lined leather jacket, which only reinforces the western style of the outfit even more. Accessories are similarly classic, with Gigi Hadid opting for 90s-inspired tinted sunglasses and a simple gold chain. We’re fans of the simple maxi skirt combo that can be easily recreated by anyone:anyone.

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