Modest fashion as a mirror of society

From a fashion point of view, the desire for modest dressing is particularly interesting because it follows the principles of concealment, but does not ignore the contemporary and modern aspect – on the contrary: the importance of style and current fashion trends has grown significantly. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Adidas, Nike, DKNY, Mango and Asos are just a few examples that have ventured into the world of Modest Fashion in recent years.

In 2016, Dolce & Gabbana launched their first collection with hijabs and abayas, Adidas and Nike include covered sportswear and swimwear, Burberry and Mango launched a Modest Collection at the start of the holy month of Ramadan, and many more brands are now booking Hijabi -Models for runway shows and campaigns to advocate for inclusion and visibility. “The success of Modest Fashion shows a forgotten need in a very large group of customers,” says Imane Asry.

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However, modest dressing is also popular with women who do not adhere to religious clothing principles. Movements such as #MeToo, the streetwear hype where the body disappears under many layers of oversized fabrics, and the desire for comfort, which has been strengthened by the pandemic, lead to designs in fashion that airily play around the body instead of emphasizing or even constricting it . “Not every woman always wants to show skin or her figure,” explains Imane Asry. “I find it encouraging to feel covered up in a society that demands women to dress ever more revealingly.”

“Modest” fashion is for everyone

Modest fashion in Germany is slowly moving out of the niche market and into the mainstream. “It used to be different. As a fashion-interested youngster who made a conscious decision to follow religion, it was difficult for me to find something suitable to wear,” recalls Sara Naggar, founder of fashion and beauty brand Lia. “Everything in the shops was cropped, super short and tight.” Finally, in 2014, Sara Naggar launched her own clothing line to bring modest fashion to all women. In addition to flowing, long dresses, silk scarves and (head) scarves made of soft jersey fabrics can be found in her collections.

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