Hailey Bieber shows how it’s done: We’re going for this leggings trend in autumn

On topic leggings everyone has a word to say: from the formerly controversial fashion trend, trousers have established themselves as one of THE trends. Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s a sporty version, as a substitute for tights to wear underneath or as an elegant piece – the pants are comfortable and extremely practical. Proves to us how fashionable they can be Hailey Bieber with her leggings outfit, where she bets on a model with the following detail: a slit at the hem.

Hailey Bieber already knows: This leggings trend will be with us in autumn 2022

As soon as the days get cooler, it’s time for comfortable looks. But since we are all back in the office and no longer work exclusively from home, the pieces should be both cozy and fashionable. A popular styling hero here is leggings and none other than fashion professional and model Hailey Bieber presents us THE must-have trend for autumn. Because this season we only want to wear models with a slit at the hem. They conjure up extra long legs due to the tight leg of the pants and the slightly flared hemline caused by the incision. If you then combine a pointed shoe like Hailey Bieber, you create a few centimeters more optically. Pretty awesome, right?

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This is how Hailey Bieber combines the leggings trend for autumn

Hailey Bieber wears a pair of slit leggings from her collection with New York brand Wardrobe.nyc for her look. The tight-fitting, black pants can be opened with a zipper as desired to create a shorter or longer slit at the hem. In addition, she combines an oversized coat (also from her collection) with XL shoulders, which, in combination with the high shoes and trousers, creates an elegant and super casual look. We are fans and already see the leggings trend as an absolute must-have. Because it is suitable for the office as well as for a walk or coffee run. And the best thing is: H&M even has a cheap alternative to the figure-flattering leggings with a slit, which is the perfect basic for every wardrobe.

At H&M, there are trending leggings by Hailey Bieber to shop for cheap:

Black leggings from H&M


Leggings with a slit at the hem


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